Boccia Ireland’s 2018 membership is now open.

The membership rate is €10 per member and is valid from date of signup to 31st December 2018.

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The membership process is available online only and all data collected will be kept in strict confidentiality in accordance with our data protection policy as adopted from Paralympics Ireland:

Types of Membership

Only one type of Boccia Ireland membership is currently available. During the membership process however, you will be asked what Type of Member you are. The options given are for Boccia Ireland admin purposes only and do not denote any specific entitlements in your Boccia Ireland membership, e.g. a person choosing “Coach” will not be recognised as a Boccia Ireland coach.

Benefits of Membership

All Boccia Ireland members have personal accident and public liability insurance by virtue of their membership of Boccia Ireland, as a sub-committee of Paralympics Ireland. This insurance will cover you when you are training or taking part in approved Boccia Ireland events. People who are non Boccia Ireland members but wish to take part in a BI event may be able to sign up as a Boccia Ireland membership on the day or to take out a one day license for the event. In order to be covered under the BI insurance you will need to sign the one day license sheet which event organisers of applicable events will have on the day.

List of benefits for members:

  • Public liability insurance cover for Boccia Ireland recognised activities
  • Access to Boccia Ireland hosted competitions
  • Reduced entry fees to activities & events
  • Reduced rate for Boccia Ireland facilitated courses
  • Reduced price on merchandise
  • Online newsletter – published every second month

Your membership is vital for the growth and development of boccia in Ireland. We invite you to join us on our journey as we work to develop, promote and grow the inclusive sport of boccia in Ireland.

All those involved with boccia have a responsibility to uphold the highest standards of integrity and to ensure that the reputation of the sport is preserved. Failure to adhere to the Codes of Conduct may result in disciplinary action. Everyone involved in boccia is expected to adhere to the principles set out in these Codes of Conduct.

Some individuals may have multiple roles and are expected to use the respective Code of Conduct for each role. It is important to note that the Codes of Conduct are expected to be followed by all; whether at a Boccia Ireland organised competition or at a local club; and whether or not a member of Boccia Ireland.

Officially Classified Boccia Ireland Members (2017)


Niamh Dunphy

William Graham


Scott Cromie

Padhraic Dormer

Jason Kearney

Padraic Moran

Dylan Nelson

Claire Taggart

Stuart Wiley


Colin Barry 

Erika Boucher

Alan Carrigan

Connor Corroon

Aisling Daly

Jenny Garde

Patrick Kelly

Robert McCune

Lucy Riordan

Hannah Uprichard


Arun Asan

William Auld


Joseph McVeigh


Caroline Millar