How will it work?

The National Rankings will ensure each player who competes in the minimum required number of Challenge League matches or other National events with Boccia Ireland will be part of the National Rankings for Irish boccia players.

The minimum number of Challenge League matches in order to achieve a national ranking and seed for the National Championships, differ depending on player classification, and are as follows:

BC1 – 4 matches minimum
BC2 – 4 matches minimum 
BC3 – 4 matches minimum 
BC4 – 4 matches minimum

Open class 4 matches minimum 

The winner of each match will be awarded 3 points 

Players who reach the minimum number of matches and have a national ranking will receive an automatic seed for the National Championships.

In certain circumstances if a player has not achieved a national ranking they may be awarded a seeding based on their league results.

Players who do not complete the minimum number of matches will not appear on the national rankings.

Winners from the previous National Championships are automatically entered the following year, but we still encourage the minimum number of Challenge League matches to be achieved.

As Boccia Ireland grows and develops we aim to be able to facilitate a variety of events including: